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Throw back to Betsy’s Seattle stand~outs

When we got to our apartment in Seattle, I was delighted to find out what was next door…a doughnut shop!  It was called Top Pot Donuts and you could smell the donuts as soon as you walked in.  There was a picture of Barack Obama on the wall as he had visited there in 2010 and the woman serving him in the picture looked like she’d just been kissed by a Prince!

Our first Donut!

On the first day, we went to the Pikes Place Market to get some food for dinner. We also got some really delicious and scrumptious roasted corn! Then we saw the very first Starbucks and it was really cool.

Pike’s Place Market

Roasted Corn

The next day, we went on the monorail to the Seattle centre. There we first went to the playground for about half an hour. Then we went to a really cool fountain and me and willow got absoloutely soaked!

The fountain was a sphere with holes in it that the water sprayed out of in time to music and it looked a bit like a hedgehog. Willow and I were so drenched we had to go home and change our clothes.

The Space Needle

The playground at the Seattle Centre

Later we went to the waterfront and on the way we passed the ‘Gum Wall’ .  It was kind of disgusting as people just put their gum that had been in their mouth on a wall. Then we had dinner and watched a movie.

The disgusting gum wall

On Wednesday, at 10:30 we got on a boat to West Seattle. We hired some bikes and me and willow went in a trailer and Lola, Dad and Mum were on bikes. When we gave the bikes back we went to the beach for a while . Me and Lola went in the sea but there was seaweed everywhere so it was gross! We played cards with mummy and daddy instead.

Playing ’21s’ on the beach

After that we went to a restaurant called Salty’s. It was so nice. We had Calamari, Prawns and fish and chips.  When we were eating dinner we saw a seal! It was so cute!

My fish supper at Salty’s

When we left we climbed on these sculptures of three girls in the picture above and then we got the water taxi ( the boat i got there on) back home and I pretended I was the girl in Titanic on the front of the boat.

On Thursday, we got an uber to a lake and there were diving boards! Me and Lola went on them for ages! One was about 2 meters high above the water and the other was about 4 meters off the water. I jumped off both of them and so did lola.

We did lots of jumps like: Front flips; Back flips and so on.  Then we had an ice cream and got an uber back home. Then mummy made chicken kebabs and we went to bed.

On Friday, we got up and me and lola got donuts but willow didn’t as she decided to get some sweets later on. I got a pink rainbow and it was so nice! Then we got in the car and drove to Cannon Beach.

Mummy has pointed out that I talk about food quite a lot in these blogs.  Food makes me happy.  I like doing stuff and seeing places but I also really like food. A lot.


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