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Three weeks on the road – by Lola

Three weeks on the road and we have:

Slept in 9 beds,

Been to 6 places (the other three beds were in motels on the way to our next destination),

Gone down 2 waterslides,

Swam in 4 pools,  5 beaches, 2 lakes and 1 river.

We have met 3 Keiths – the first Keith we met was the captain of our boat when we went bear watching in Tofino, the second we met at the top of Mount Whistler and the last when we were at cave and basin in Banff. We have also met 1 other Willow; but no Lola’s so far- unless you count the café we saw in Seattle.

We have scored all the places we have been to so far according to the accommodation, the area, the people, the food and the weather. Our favourite place so far was Tofino with 45/50 points followed by Jasper, Vancouver and in joint last pace was Banff and Seattle scoring 38.5. Seattle would have come much higher if it wasn’t for the airbnb which was too small for the five of us.  Mum couldn’t cook very well as the kitchen didn’t have enough equipment and there was only one glass; poor mum had to cope with no wine glasses 🙂

Our score sheet

I have most enjoyed the days where we have done ‘stuff’. For example: paddle boarding, surfing, white water rafting and climbing up a mountain of rocks by Moraine lake in near Banff – see the video here I can’t really pick a day when i was not enjoying myself apart from when we went through turbulence on the plane. So i guess being on the road has been better than I thought .


On top of Mount Whistler

On top of Mount Whistler

I thought spending 3 weeks in the car with my sisters would cause arguments as we were all packed into a small place and no one would be able to move. I also thought we’d fight about music but actually there has only been one or two fights and we have only driven mum up the wall really badly once. This was because we were all sharing one room with 2 beds so us kids got squeezed into one. Betsy and Willow were fighting about who got to sleep on the edge and it got a bit out of control…

6% of our trip so far has finished and it has gone by very quickly.  The things coming up that i am most looking forward to are i) We might get up in the middle of the night to drive and see an eclipse on Sunday ii)  Our good friends the Grondonas are coming to meet us in San Francisco and iii) We have just found out our friends in LA (we are staying in their house) have just bought a puppy. We all hope that this puppy is as cute as Rosebud and Piper the Golden doodledoos we met in Jasper.

Playing with Piper the puppy in Jasper

I am sitting writing this in the garden of our hotel that has wild bunnies roaming around us and they are all very cute but we are not allowed to touch them ( Willow has already been told off twice by the people at the hotel for touching them.)

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