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Three days in …

…And we’re still smiling!  We survived a 22hr travel day on Friday and our first night with a little jet lag but really nothing too bad. We’ve had a gorgeous weekend in Vancouver and have packed quite a lot in (Lola and Betsy are going to write a post to share some of their experiences).  I just checked my iPhone and we’ve walked (and cycled) a total of 26km on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday.  If we keep that up my dreams of getting super fit this year might yet be realised!

Keith and I have absolutely loved Vancouver and both said we could live here…if it wasn’t so blooming far away from home.  It does feel a bit weird though.  Like we’re on holiday, only then I remember we’re not going home anytime soon.  I asked Keith what he thought was different and we agreed on the following:

  1. We’re not in a rush – this has been the nicest and most immediate difference we’ve noticed. Often, even on holiday, we find ourselves rushing to breakfast, rushing to get to the pool, rushing to get ready for dinner etc and here we have really taken everything at our own pace which has been lovely.  Not rushing to get anywhere has actually meant we have gone a lot further.
  2. We’re definitely watching what we spend more than usual- we are both quite conscious that everything we spend is not being replaced by any earnings so we have said no to quite a lot that we might have usually agreed to on a holiday.  Definitely starting as we mean to go on!
  3. We’re being more thoughtful about what we eat – partly because of the cost but we are also quite aware it would be soooo easy to just load up on convenient carb and sugar laden meals and so have made our own food much more than we might normally when away from home.
  4. The girls are generally getting along much better than usual – maybe they are sub consciously aware that they’ve just got each other for the next year and this is helping?  Whatever the driver we’ve really noticed they are enjoying each other’s company a lot more than usual, which is really nice for us.
  5. It takes less time for us to get out and about.  Not drying my hair or wearing make up is helping a bit, but I have to say Betsy is settling into the travelling vibe and spending much less time in front of the mirror and that is making a huge difference 🙂
  6. I haven’t drunk much wine – this is actually a bit annoying!  I haven’t found much of a ‘sit outside in the sunshine with a glass of wine and watch your kids play’ culture here.  I could do with a bit more of that so will go searching for it in Tofino tomorrow.

The only screw up we’ve had is not realising we were supposed to pick up our hire car at 10am this morning so when we arrived at 3pm we found the Alamo place closed for the day.  We’ve got a ferry to catch first thing tomorrow so will be hot footing it down to try and get it sorted and still make our ferry crossing to Vancouver Island.

Next up is Tofino and I’ve had so many recommendations to visit there I can’t wait.

Sunset on Burrard Bridge

Another sunset pic from the Bridge

Cycling around the city

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    July 31, 2017 at 8:42 am

    Sounds like a great start! Can’t wait to read Lola and Betsy’s post! Love you all, V xx

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