The Grand Plan

Originally we thought we would be quite flexible and go wherever we fancied…however, after much research we discovered this is pretty impossible with 3 kids – particularly if you’ve got an eye on cost.  So this is the plan so far.  The destinations are likely to remain the same but dates may change a bit.

Canada: July 28th – August 13th

Oregon Coast: August 14th – 23rd

California: August 24th – September 20th

Brazil: September 21st – October 28th

Argentina: October 29th – November 2nd

Chile: November 2nd – 5th

Colombia: November 6th – 17th

Mexico: November 17th – December 1st

Whistler: December 1st – 20th

Sydney: December 22nd-28th

Byron Bay: December 28th – January 25th

Gold Coast & Uluru: January 25th – February 2nd

New Zealand: February 3rd – March 3rd

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand: – March 4th – May 6th

Nepal: May 6th – 20th

India: May 20th – June 3rd

Sri Lanka: June 3rd – July 1st

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