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Our last week in Australia

We left Byron bay on the 25th January and we had 8 days to visit Airlie Beach – to explore the Whitsunday Islands, Mission Beach, Cairns – right at the top of Australia and Uluru.

In Airlie Beach we went on a boat trip and got to go snorkelling. There were invisible jellyfish in the sea and if you get stung you feel like you’re going to die and you might actually die and so we had to wear stinger suits.

On the boat at Airlie Beach

Getting ready to snorkel

Stinger Suits!

They were a bit like surfing suits but they had a hood and feet. They were way easier to get on than wet suits. When we were snorkelling we had flippers to help us swim. I saw a lot of fish, a lot of coral and a big clam shell. We had some photos taken underwater by Spider-Man who was actually called Gary in a Spider-man stinger suit. You are not allowed to take the coral from the beach because it is protected. I tried to take one really nice shell but Daddy said put it back. I also really hurt my foot by cutting it on the sharp coral on the shoreline.

Me snorkelling

My whole family

Betsy and I in our stinger suits

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach

The next day we got a boat to Hamilton Island. When we got there we went in a massive swimming pool and it had two bridges over it. There was also a bar in the water and there were seats too! We used the bridge that went over the water like a monkey bar and did pull ups.  I loved it there but Mummy said she never wanted to go somewhere like it again.  I don’t know why. I thought it was so much fun.

The next day we drove for 8 hours to Mission Beach and half way there we got a flat tyre. The ground was so hot Daddy couldn’t even kneel down to change the tyre!  When we got to our hotel we spent the whole day in the pool and then drove to Cairns the next day.

There were four things I liked in Cairns. 1) There was a climbing wall that was free and just in the middle of a park 2) We went to see Pitch Perfect 3 at the cinema.  Mummy said it was too grown up for me but I loved it. 3) We saw a tree with massive fruit bats all asleep hanging from it and later at night they were all flying in the sky. 4) We went for a curry at a Balinese restaurant which I loved.


Uluru is a massive rock in the middle of Australia and is very important to the indigenous people or sometimes we call them the aboriginal people. It took me a long time to learn how to say ‘indigenous’ but now I can say it really well.  They have their meetings there to discuss Men’s business and Women’s business and they tell a lot of stories about their creators or spirits and the stories all have lessons in them like being respectful to women, being kind, not stealing or killing. There are pictures and markings on the rock that they say are proof that the story really happened.

There are also some other big rocks called Kata-Tjuta.



We flew to Uluru and we thought it was going to be really hot but actually it was quite cold. We walked around the whole base of Uluru at sunrise with our guide Trys. It was 12.6km and we had to get up at 4.30am. Quite a lot of people don’t climb the rock but some people still do. There is a chain up one side of the rock that people hold on to. Our guide told us that people do quite silly things like put kids on their shoulders. The aboriginal people don’t want you to climb because they believe that if someone hurts themselves or dies then someone in their community will be hurt or die. Our guide said he’s never climbed the rock and he never will.

These markings were made by one of the spirits in the stories

This is a meeting place

There are sometimes waterfalls when it has been raining

This is a waterhole and you absolutely are not allowed to swim in it

This is Michael. He is wearing a fly net.

I loved Uluru and would like to go back there one day. I didn’t like the flies and the ants though. There were loads!  I loved Australia. It was really fun and hot. We didn’t get much rain and we went to lots of beaches and saw lots of friends. After we left Uluru we were flying to New Zealand.

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