One month to go…

‘The best things in life are spending time with the people you love, the places you go and memories that are made’

In one month from now Keith and I will board a plane to Vancouver with our three daughters – Lola, Betsy and Willow.  In the following 12 months we will take 25 flights (I don’t actually want to calculate how many flying hours), drive a few thousand miles and I imagine sail a few seas, to create our adventure of a lifetime.  

It is twenty years this week since Keith and I met, two years after beginning to dream about a year of travelling together, more than a year after finally making the decision and we are now on countdown!

We’ve rented out our house and begun the enormous task of clearing out all our crap (the photo above is of the 50 odd shoe boxes I discovered in the loft…!)   The next 30 days are going to be filled with more clearing out and packing up, finishing work for us and school for the girls and a fair few nights out. I am starting to panic a little about my ability to do everything that’s needed with the inevitable hangovers and my inner voice is saying ‘have fun and enjoy these times with your friends, but you’ve got loads to do and you have to be sensible and get to bed early, but you’ll miss all these people so make the most of it, but you can’t enjoy it if you’re tired and sick…’ you get the picture!

I feel a bit wobbly the closer we get and can sense the homesick feeling in my stomach, but it’s good to be nervous right?  Something about the magic happening outside of our comfort zone… well we are searching for magic and I’m pretty sure we’re going to find it.

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