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Hanging out of trains and being ‘held up’ by Elephants in Sri Lanka

We spent two weeks in Sri Lanka in May. The first week we went to a lot of temples and it was Willow’s birthday in Kandy, which she wrote a blog about here. After Kandy we drove up into the hill country and it went from boiling hot to cold and wet. We went to see the tea plantations and tasted the tea. We stayed in a small white guest house and we did a walk to World’s End which we thought looked a lot like England. On that walk I think I went to the worst toilet in the whole of Asia!!!

The hill country with Ruka



Hiking to World’s End

The worst toilet ever!

Sitting at World’s End

When we left Nuwara Eliya instead of driving in our van, we went on a train. This train was no ordinary train because it had open doors so you could lean out and stick your feet out. This train ride was such an experience and we had so much fun.

When we arrived in Ella we had to walk along the train tracks to get to our hotel! We were hoping that a train didn’t come!

When we got to the hotel it didn’t look like anything special but then we went inside and the view was incredible.  It was all open air and looked straight through the Ella gap, which is the gap between two mountains. Whilst we were there we climbed Ella rock and it was a really tough walk.  At the top we were all sweaty and hot but the view there was even better than the hotel because we were on a huge high mountain.

Ella’s Gap

The view from Ella’s Rock

A woman picking tea leaves

On the way back we were walking along the tracks and then suddenly a train came flying round the corner and we had to jump off the tracks.  We’d been  hoping a train would come so we could take a video but when it finally came round dad had mum’s phone and pressed stop instead of start so we got no footage.

There was also a really famous bridge with 9 arches in Ella and mum really wanted to go there.  We had to scramble down through the tea plantations to reach it. After Ella we went to Aragum Bay which is a beach with a small town. This place is known for surfing so we had a two day lesson with Ruca’s friends. The guides were really nice and I love surfing 🏄‍♀️ . We really learnt to do it because we had our own instructor. There was a restaurant in Arugam called Hideaway and it had the best sandwiches everrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Dad, Lola and me surfing

After Arugam Bay we went to Yala National Park and our driver Ruka bought a lot of bananas on the way. We thought it was a bit weird but then we saw that there was an Elephant in the middle of the road.  He wasn’t letting you pass until you gave him some food!  Ruka threw some bananas out and passed bamboo through the window and the Elephant’s trunk came in and took it.  The Elephants were wild but they had figured out that if they stood in the road and not let you pass they’d get food so they were actually robbing us!!!!!!!!!  We also went on a safari to try and see leopards but didn’t find any.

On safari looking for wild Elephants and leopards

Our first wild Elephant

Hot Tub!

Our safari jeep

The Elephants blocking the road

We really liked Sri Lanka as each place was so different and there was so much to do.  This was our last day in Asia and our last day in the pool before we went to Ibiza.

Saying goodbye to lovely Ruka

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