From where I am…three months of travelling

It has been three months since we left home and I have kind settled into the whole travelling thing but I am still missing people (and surprisingly school) back in England. I can’t believe it has been three months and that we are more than one quarter of the way through our trip! It only feels like one month as time is flying by.

We have now started properly doing school work quite regularly and it goes well most of the time but when one person is angry or tired it puts off the other two, as we are all in one room. The other annoying thing is there are three children and two adults so we don’t all get to ask questions about everything. I took the photo above when I was bored, waiting for Dad to mark my Maths earlier!

The days I’ve most enjoyed are the ones where we have been out exploring.  We walk, climb, run, swim and Betsy, Willow and I have more fun. I haven’t enjoyed the times we’ve had to fly as much or when I’m feeling tired and have to do school work.  I’ve also enjoyed it when we meet people and especially when they have children our age.

We are now sadly coming to the end of our six weeks in Brazil, which we have all loved and enjoyed. I was looking forward to Brazil as I have never been to Brazil or South America so it was my first time in the continent. We have picked “um pouco” of Portuguese but not much.  Betsy, Mum and I have also started to learn Spanish together on the app Babel which is quite fun, especially when we try and pronounce ‘Nicaragua’ in the right accent and keep getting it wrong!

In Trancoso, we met a family from Watford, doing the same thing as us and we are going to many of the same places. They have 3 kids – Jessie , he is 8, Jeannie, she is 5 and her twin Cameron. They are all really nice and we are very happy we met them. We are now in Rio and are seeing them today and we are seeing them in Iguazu and Buenos Aires too. As we are in Brazil and not many people speak English, it is nice to have people to speak to in English, as well as the fact we can speak to them about travelling for a year and how it feels to leave home.

The fact that we have phones and facetime definitely helps with staying in contact and not missing people as much (the downside is the million whatsapps I get a day on the group chats.) But from tomorrow until we arrive in Sydney on 22 December, mine and Mum’s phone won’t have any data or calls or texts!!!!!!! At least we will have wifi most of the places we go.

We are now going to travel around South America for around a month and see where it takes us.

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