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First stop Vancouver

Hey everyone

This is a post from Lola, Betsy and Willow.  First up it’s Willow;

It’s been really nice here in Vancouver and I’m enjoying it.  Its been really fun and you would really want to do this as you can see so much stuff you’ve never seen before.

It’s been quite fun because I don’t have to go to school and I get to spend time with my sisters.  The flight was very long.  Vancouver is great. The Mountains are very tall and we’ve done some cool stuff.

Betsy;  If I had to describe Vancouver I would say it’s got very good scenery as there are mountains and sea and lots of things to do. We’ve seen the beaches, shops, hotels and lots of bridges.

When we arrived we went to Canada place and went on ‘Fly over Canada’. This is a ride where you are in a seat and there is a screen in front of you which is curved. The screen is showing some of the best sights in Canada. Your seat is lifted and you are in front of the screen and it feels like you’re flying over Canada. When it looks like it’s windy fans blow in your face and when you go over water, like Niagra Falls, you can feel water spray on your face. It felt very realistic and it was exciting.

After Fly over Canada we walked along the beach and went to the Cactus Club Cafe on English Bay. Even though I was so sleepy, I really enjoyed it because the food was very good and our waitress looked like Ariana Grande.

Lola; Our second day started quite early as we were all jet lagged. After breakfast, we rented some bikes for the day. On the bikes we cycled around the edge of the water and into Stanley Park. We stopped in the park for lunch. After lunch, we cycled back to the shop and went back to the hotel to get our swimming costumes.

We walked to Kits beach where there is the biggest swimming pool in Canada. We swam, played a game and Betsy and I got told off for standing in the swimming lane.

Canada’s largest swimming pool on Kitsano Beach

We walked back to the hotel and stopped for ice cream but unfortunately Willow’s Sponge Bob ice lolly melted and fell on the ground and the only thing left on the stick was his red pants.

At 10pm that night there was a huge fireworks display on the beach. We walked to Burrard Bridge to watch them but I couldn’t really see as there were so many people.

On Sunday we went on a little ferry boat called Aquabus  to Granville Island. On the island there is a market and a kids market. In the kids market Betsy bought a cap and we played in the arcade. There was a mini water park with one water slide which we all went down.  We bought lots of fresh fruit which was delicious. We found these new cherries called Rainier Cherries which are really good.

We got up early today to collect our hire car.  We all enjoyed playing on this huge Canada sign (in the photo above) and luckily we were the only ones there this morning because it was early.

Right now we are in the car on the way to get a ferry to Vancouver Island. I’ve got hiccups, Willow’s got ants in her pants and Betsy just farted so mummy’s a bit annoyed.


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    August 1, 2017 at 8:36 am

    Hi it’s Flossie. Vancouver sounds really fun can’t wait to read your next post. Hope the car is not too smelly!!!!! Miss you loads xxxxxxxx

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    Cassius Helms and Finley Helms
    August 25, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    Message from Cassius and Finley: inpressed by the blog post of Lola. Side comment; she must of got help. We read it out loud together. And: you are all so lucky.

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