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Famous & making friends in Tam Coc

We arrived in Vietnam and spent one day in Hanoi and the next morning we got into a minibus and drove 2 hours to Tam Coc. On the way there we stopped at the tallest Pagoda in Vietnam.

There were lots of Buddhas and also statues of monks. If you touch their knees that means you’ll be lucky. When we were walking around some people would grab me and take a quick selfie. I actually quite liked it to begin with. It was quite funny but after a few times it was a bit annoying.  Also me and Betsy were wearing the same clothes by accident and so some people thought we were twins.  They were touching our face and even kissing us when we walked by.  When we stopped to look at one of the temples people started pulling us to have their photo taken with us next to a nice tree. They were arguing about who would go next.  We were there for about 10 minutes. Mummy told us we didn’t have to do it and could say no.  I think they were doing that because we have pale skin and yellow hair and no one at that Temple had the same.

When we got to Tam Coc we had a big, big lunch. There was fried rice, steamed rice, vegetable spring rolls, crispy rice, chicken curry, salad and some spicy chicken. My favourite was the crispy rice.

After lunch we went to the river and the people put me, Betsy and Lola in one boat and Mummy and Daddy in another. The people who were paddling used the feet instead of their hands. It was mostly women who were paddling. We went up the river and there were big hills and mountains and the river went underneath them and so there were caves and it was really dark. We went through a few and at the end there was a mini market but in the water, floating. We bought some mango and a lolly. The man who was paddling our boat tied it up and went to see the monk and a Buddha. While he was praying a load of goats came over and one nearly jumped in our boat.  Lola didn’t like that.

That night I met a really nice boy called Gustave in our guest house and he was from Denmark. It was a bit hard to talk at first but Gustave was quite good at English which he has learnt from TV and travelling and when we watched a movie he didn’t watch it in Danish, he watched in English. There was a pool table and we played with our hands. After that me and Gustave snuck into our room and had a pillow fight. We also did some slow motion pretend pillow fighting outside without pillows.  I loved it.

The next day we were going to go on a bike ride but there weren’t bikes small enough for me and Betsy so An, our guide, said we’d need to go with him on his motorbike and he would ride slowly next to Mummy, Daddy and Lola on their bikes. Mummy didn’t really want us to do it but there was barely no one on the road and we were in the countryside and we were only going a short way so we did and it was so fun. Then we went on another boat ride and through a lot of caves.

When we got back to the guesthouse me and Betsy went on the back of Lola’s bike and she rode around the block next to the rice paddies. We’d had a conversation before about whether all three of us could go on but Daddy said no. At first it was Betsy’s turn to go on and I chased around after them. I couldn’t catch them so I started walking back but then they stopped and Betsy shouted “come on Willow” and I ran up and got on the back and all three of us cycled around twice without stopping.


Then we said goodbye to Gustave and arranged to meet him in Luang Prabang in Laos the next week. Meeting Gustave was my favourite thing about Tam Coc.

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