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Cheer Up, Slow Down, Chill Out

When we arrived in Byron, the welcome sign said ‘Cheer up, Slow down, Chill out!” which made us really excited to have a month here. Our house is really nice and has a pool with a fountain. Darcy and I got a room downstairs with two singles… which we immediately pushed together. On our first evening we walked into town and down to the beach, which is only a 10 minute walk.

Our first look at the beach

The next day we went to a beach called Wategos. No one (apart from me) wanted to go in the water because of all the dead jellyfish that were washed up on the beach. There were some rocks to climb on at the shore so we were jumping and running between them when the tide went out. After I went for a swim, I told the others that I hadn’t got stung and that I didn’t see any jellyfish. As I was telling them that I stepped on a dead one that was washed up and unfortunately, they still sting when they are dead. It didn’t actually hurt as much as I thought it would but it was a very small one.

Avoiding the jellyfish at Wategoes

At Wategos there is also an amazing juice man! He has a van parked in the car park and sells smoothies and juices. I got a berry smoothie and it was better than any smoothie I’d had before.

‘Juices 2 U’

The night before NYE, we drove to a small village called Bangalow to go to the farmers market. We got some food for dinner and as we were leaving, there was a stall selling frozen fruit lollies. Grace and I got frozen strawberries dipped in chocolate and the others got mango lollies.

On New Year’s Eve, we went to the main beach at the edge of town and everyone went in the sea because there were no jellyfish. We also went out at night for the festival. There were lots of cool stalls and some selling delicious food. We got some Mango shaved ice, a freshly squeezed pineapple and ice cream. Darcy and I were going to get matching henna until we remembered what happened to Willow. We had to go home quite early though because everyone was tired and the adults still had a hangover from the night before. Back at home we watched a movie called The Goonies. At 10pm we were told to go to bed but Darcy and I wanted to stay up… so we did. We waited in our room, chatting , taking snapchat pictures and watching youtube. We quietly counted down from ten but after 2 minutes of 2018 we were asleep.

On New Years Day, Darcy and I walked up to the lighthouse and it was really hot and long. We had to walk through town, then some woodland and finally some steep steps. At the top we could see dolphins and turtles down below and it was really pretty.

We went down to a beach called The Pass. There was a shallow river-like place at the back of the beach that we splashed about in and had races in. Mum saw her favourite instagramer: ‘Jetsetmama’ and went to say hello.

The Pass

The next day, we went kayaking. It was a three hour, guided sea kayak tour and we were hoping to see dolfins, but 1 hour in there was a storm so we had to go back to shore very quickly. We were all upset but there was a lightning strike 150metres up the beach so we really needed to get out.

One of the lovely views

On our last day with the Grondonas, Darcy, Gracie, Betsy and I went to a waterpark with the dads. We got there just in time for the opening so we had no queue for the first ride. There was one ride that I really wanted to go on called aqua loop where you stand a tube then the floor drops: you go in a loop then come out the bottom. When we got to the front of the queue we realized I wasn’t heavy enough which was really annoying. When we were waiting at the bottom we saw a lady go down but she didn’t make the loop! She started going up it but didn’t make it so slid back down.

We went on a few more rides then went to the extreme zone. The rides were really good there. One we had to wait 1.5hrs for a 10 second ride but it was worth it. We had to leave quite early because the Grondonas had to catch their flight but it was still a really fun day. We were all really sad to have to say goodbye and can’t wait to see them soon.

Now it’s just us and we are looking forward to our remaining 3 weeks in Byron so its our time to Cheer up, Slow down and Chill out!



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