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Betsy’s Brazilian Food Blog

Since we’ve been in Brazil I’ve noticed a lot of differences compared to Richmond, including lots of different foods. Here are ten new things that I’ve tried: Tapioca: Tapioca comes from the root vegetable Cassova. It is used ALOT in Brazil.  I first tried Tapioca crepe. Unlike crepes I’ve had before, you put in ham, cheese or other meat and stuff like that – not lemon and sugar, but you can…

Brazil South America Trancoso Travels

Six weeks in Brazil, by Willow

Willow dictated the following post to share her experiences of Brazil. I have captured as accurately as I can (she speaks quite fast!) Any clarifications I have added in italics.  All grammatical errors are her mother’s.  Two days in São Paulo We went to São Paulo because mummy has family there – Grandad’s first cousin Mary and Mummy’s 2nd cousins Liza and James (who she had never met). I was…


From where I am…three months of travelling

It has been three months since we left home and I have kind settled into the whole travelling thing but I am still missing people (and surprisingly school) back in England. I can’t believe it has been three months and that we are more than one quarter of the way through our trip! It only feels like one month as time is flying by. We have now started properly doing…

Brazil South America Travels

Falling for Trancoso

I hoped it would happen.  I was scared it wouldn’t.  I thought maybe my expectations were too high but no, this place is more wonderful than I dared dream and I have fallen for Trancoso.  I first read about this relatively unknown destination on the blog of another family who were travelling around the world and who were a big inspiration for me:  When I looked on the map, I…