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A letter to my girls

This week, of all our time together on this journey, I have felt most proud of you. My heart is full with love and admiration and I’m feeling a bunch of emotions.  Most present is a weird happy/sad feeling that’s manifesting in lots of tears, so I decided to write down my thoughts to help me understand what I’m feeling and to share it with you. As I’ve reflected, I…

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Tales from Tulum

Today we left Tulum after ten amazing days. During our last dinner on the beach, we agreed our ratings (as we have done for everywhere we’ve spent more than a night or two).  No surprise to me – Tulum has shot to our number 1 spot! We have all been so happy here, I defy anyone to come to this South East corner of Mexico and not find something to…

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Californian Road Trip – Part 2

I thought the Grand Canyon was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life because it is very unique and I don’t think anything else could replace its beauty. We saw two sunsets and one sunrise while we were there. It was a great experience to have at such a young age. The colour of the sun when it is rising and setting is gorgeous.…

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California Road Trip – Part 1

We have spent 3 weeks driving around California and have written about some of our first stops in this post.  Part 2 will be written this week…and will include Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree and LA. San Francisco – by Sophie We had a very long drive to San Francisco which started in Gold Beach, Oregon.  We didn’t plan to do this 8.5hr (400 mile) marathon drive,…

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About a month before we left we were chatting with a friend, Sharon Patel, at school about our itinerary and she said that she and her husband Pocky were also going to be in Oregon in August to see the eclipse.”What eclipse?” we asked. We did a bit of research and discovered that on the day of the eclipse, 21st August, by complete coincidence, we were booked into a hotel…

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The Rockies

This could be quite a short post really.  The Rockies are incredible! I asked Keith to write this with me and he suggested I write: “I would strongly recommend anyone looking for a two week holiday to come and do what we’ve just done”.  I then reminded him we were writing a blog not a formal letter and that perhaps we could describe a bit about our experience and what…