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Betsy and Willow’s Byron Bay Tales


We left Byron Bay today after four weeks.  The middle two we were on our own. I really liked that time because we did lots of things as a family.  It wasn’t like normal life in Richmond but it was like ‘travelling the world normal’ for us. For example, doing school work in the morning and going out to do something fun in the afternoon.

On the first week we took it in turns as a family to choose what we’d do in the afternoons, after school work. The first day it was Mummy’s Day (but it was supposed to be Daddy’s day but Mummy booked Paddington 2 without Daddy knowing). The cinema used to be a pig farm and the name was related to that; it was called Pig Flicks! I loved that movie, it was really fun. The next day was Willow’s Day and we went out for a bike ride to Woolworths because Willow was desperate to go out on the bikes and we couldn’t go very far because it was very busy in Byron Bay and Willow can’t ride on busy roads.

The next day was Daddy’s Day and we went to Broken Head beach. The sky was so blue there and it was very beautiful. The next day was my day and I chose for us to go for a picnic at Main Beach. We bought lots of yummy food and it was really fun. On Lola’s day we went to Tea Tree Lake and there was a rope swing hanging from a tree. You had to climb up but Willow was too small to reach the swing, so she was really upset. I could only reach the swing with Daddy’s help.  I really enjoyed that afternoon.

Another thing we did during those two weeks was climbing up a waterfall called Whian Whian and jumping off the rocks into the pool. There was a high one and a low one. The high one was about six meters high and the lower one was about two or three meters high. Me and Lola went on the higher one and Willow went on the lower one. We had so much fun. We had to scramble up the rocks to get to it and they were really slippery and muddy and yucky. The water we jumped into was really deep. Some people said there were eels in there but we didn’t see any, so I’m not sure if it was true.

Also on that day we went to Minyon Falls which are 100 meters high and when we went to a look out point we saw a crazy family standing on the edge of the waterfall looking over.  The river that went over the falls was not big at all so quite shallow and there were lots of rocks. Some people had climbed over the fence and waded through the river to get to the edge. They were taking selfies over the drop. We thought they were so idiotic because if they had taken a step back they’d be dead.

When we were walking back, Mummy’s lens cap fell over the fence and it was quite a big drop. The fence was quite high and the other side was in the bush so we couldn’t get to it. Daddy and Lola had to dangle me by my feet over the fence to grab the lens cap. It was really fun although I felt quite unsafe because I thought Lola was about to drop me.  When we got back in the car we saw a massive lizard that looked like a baby dinosaur.

We did a lot of school work during those two weeks. Sometimes I really enjoy home school and sometimes I get totally in the box and hate it. It depends on what my teacher is like. If my teacher is in the box then I get in the box too and I have a miserable time. If my teacher is out of the box then I stay out and am really happy. (In the box is where you are when you’re a bit grumpy and we use that in our family because it’s what mummy does for her work). By the way, my teachers are Mummy and Daddy.

I had a lot of fun in those two weeks. Byron is a beautiful place and I would definitely recommend it for those who are looking for somewhere to go on holiday. Everyone is super friendly, the beaches are beautiful. The wildlife is incredible and you see lots of different animals and sea creatures. There are lots of nice restaurants with lovely food.  My favourite was at The Top Shop. It was Mummy’s sandwich which I totally should have got. It was mayo, pesto, lettuce, avocado, cucumber and feta and it was amazing!!! We couldn’t eat it all so we ended up giving half to the Kayak teacher.

In Byron they have a very cool clothing style that me and Mummy loved. We got a few things that are Byron Bay style like my pink trousers that you might have seen on Mummy’s Instagram stories and Mummy’s new bikini and her jumpsuit that she adores and her baggy mustard trousers.

I really hope to come back here one day and see the beautiful Byron Bay where I had been once before.


When we were in Byron Bay we saw lots of friends. First Sarah and Todd, then The Keen’s, The Slinns and lastly Betsy’s friend from school; Rozzie and her family.

After our week with The Grondonas and our time on our own, we drove up to Noosa and went to see Jamie, Jason, Jesse and the twins Cameron and Jeanie Keen. We met The Keens for the first time in our life in Trancoso and then again in Rio, Iguazu and Buenos Aires! We went to visit them so we could see Jamie on her 40th birthday. We celebrated by having a picnic on the beach with food and cake. Then Mummy and Daddy went out to dinner with the grown ups and we went to the Keen’s friends house with a babysitter looking after 9 children.  In the middle of the night Daddy came in a taxi and woke us up to take us home.

The next day we went to a Aqua Park to celebrate Jesse’s birthday who was going to be 9 the next week.  The Aqua Park has these floating inflatable obstacles and you can climb over and slip off them into a lake. It was really fun and at the end I was just climbing up the biggest slide in the whole Aqua Park when the horn went, which meant the end of our time. I was about five handles away from the top, so I kept climbing and got to the top and slid down really quickly.

After that we drove back to Byron Bay and met Gemma, Mike, Imogen and Iona. They are a family travelling the world too and they live in Richmond like us. We’d never met them before but Mummy was introduced to them after we’d left Richmond and we’ve been following them on Instagram.  They came to live with us for a week. The girls are 8 and 5 and we liked each other straight away.

Every morning we did home school together. I worked with Iona and Betsy worked with Imogen. The first day we went to the beach after school work and I made a sandcastle with Imogen and Iona. When we were in the sea, Betsy climbed a very spiky tree and then she fell but managed to catch herself on the last branch because she’s very brave and strong, but she got a very, very big scrape on her arm. We were supposed to go out for dinner but Betsy was too upset, so we went home instead.

The next day we went kayaking with the Slinns.  Betsy couldn’t go because her arm was still hurting from the tree crash. When we were waiting to go on our boats we were watching the guides help the other people take their kayaks into the sea   Because the waves were really big. there was one couple who got in their boat and a massive wave came and the lady fell out and so they got in again and this time their boat tipped right upside down. The last time they fell out and the lady banged her head and they couldn’t go kayaking.

When it was my turn Mike, our guide, said get in and put your bum first so the kayak won’t tip upside down but I put my leg over and nearly did the splits so I got back off and Mike said “hurry up Willow there’s a wave coming” so I quickly jumped backwards, bum first and got in my seat. Then he pushed us over the really big and fun waves. I was with Imogen and Lola was with Iona.

When we got out to sea we saw about ten dolphins and five turtles. When we came back into land, Lola and Iona caught a massive wave all the way into shore and nearly tipped out but we didn’t catch a wave so we were alright.

One day, we walked all the way up to the lighthouse and when we were at the top I went to the toilet and I saw a baby wallaby. He was in the bush and we saw him hop away. He was so cute. We also saw loads of dolphins jumping through the waves.

The last friends we saw in Byron Bay was Betsy’s best friend from school, Rozzie and her family. She moved back to her home in Australia one year ago and they drove for two days to come and visit us. We had a picnic on the beach and Betsy and Rozzie had a sleepover.

On our last day in Byron we did a dolphin project with the Slinns and we learned that a Porpoise looks like a dolphin but it actually isn’t because Porpoises have triangular fins, round teeth and a round snout and dolphins have a curved back fin, pointy teeth and a pointy snout. We also learned about echo location which is how dolphins hear. They use their ears to see where their food and predators are. We played a game with Mike where someone stands in the middle of the room and closes their eyes and the others spread out. The other people all say something and you have to work out where they are and you keep your eyes closed and then close one ear and try again. It was quite easy on the first round and really hard on the second. So dolphins are quite clever.

All I can say is we had a lot of fun meeting lots of friends in Byron Bay and now we’re going to spend some time with just us.

We made a short video for this post with photos and videos from our time in Byron Bay.

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