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Beautiful Oregon Coast

We spent a week exploring the Oregon coastline and I thought I would include a post sharing our photos which you can see if you click along the gallery above.  We spent the majority of this time staying in Cannon Beach (another recommendation from Tara @pintsizepilot) and explored other parts of the coast from there. Cannon Beach would be on my ‘must visit’ list if you are in this part of the world.  It is absolutely stunning.  The miles and miles of sandy shoreline and huge rock formations – Haystack Rock being the biggest, are the main attractions but equally the small town itself is lovely and really nice to stroll around.  A bit like a sweet, traditional English seaside town. It has that same quaint feel but everything seems just a little bit…cleaner and smarter.

The rock formations loom large and during our stay were mostly covered by a layer of swirling sea fog that added to their majestic appearance.  When we arrived and first stepped onto the beach the Haystack appeared before us and it really was a ‘wow’ moment.  During our stay we went to a few other beaches and on a couple of short hikes, all of which provided great views.  (Including the view we came across when on a hike and Betsy and Willow ran ahead.  I turned a corner to find them clinging onto a shabby bit of wire and peering over the edge of a cliff where a path had been washed away and there was a sheer drop down about 100 feet to the sea below.  It was pretty scary and yet another reminder that we are such bloody amateurs at this travelling thing.  ‘Never let your kids run ahead out of sight on a hike you haven’t been on before’ is of course the obvious advice.)

The other thing to mention is the weather.  We had spent nearly three weeks in 25+ degrees in Canada and Seattle. Cannon Beach and the whole coastline south of here averaged around 18 so much, much cooler.  A bit of the shock to my system and meant we got to dig out the (few) cold weather clothes we have packed.  I think I was wearing every single one of mine when we sat on the beach for pizza and wine. (Note to Marshgate campers – it reminded me of that happy, happy time on West Wittering Beach).

We got to experience the Total Eclipse whilst we were in Oregon which Keith is going to write about separately (definitely his highlight of the trip so far!) We were also able to have our first meet up with friends from home, Sharon and Pocky, who were in Oregon especially for the eclipse.  I think I spent the entire two hours we were together gabbling on and not letting them get a word in edgeways…as you probably are aware Keith isn’t the keenest conversationalist, so it was a clue for me that I could do with a bit more chat which luckily I got with Sarah in San Francisco and subsequently on the face times I arranged for our week in Lake Tahoe 🙂

We stopped a bit further down the coast at Gold Beach en route to San Francisco.  This was a recommendation from my friend Shawn and in particular she suggested we go out on ‘Jerry’s Rogue River Jet Boat Tour’.  It was fantastic!  I loved it and am so glad we did it.  Definitely the best value boat trip we have ever experienced.  You are on the boat for four hours and stop for a lovely lunch during the trip.  It is a mixture of wildlife spotting (Bald Eagles, Harbor Seals, Tons of other birds) and then some fast rides through the rapids with spins and 360s thrown in for extra fun.  I made a very, very quick video with our stills and a bit of video footage from that trip you can see here

The boat trip cheered me up after arriving the night before at the disastrous accommodation I’d managed to book. It was called a ‘Resort’ but was actually an RV camp site and the one bed wooden hut we had booked was absolutely freezing.  I was miserable and felt really homesick that night and we ended up leaving the following afternoon a day early.  As has been the case everywhere we have been so far, (no matter the surroundings) the girls loved it!  In fact Betsy said it was her favourite place because they slept in a little loft space.  I am doing my best to learn from them.  To genuinely approach every new place with open eyes and a ‘let’s see what we have here’ attitude and not be too affected by these sort of things when they happen…it’s work in progress.

So overall we really loved Oregon. The drive on 101 down the coastline is spectacular and (when not covered in fog) the views are really some of the best we have encountered.   My pics aren’t great I’m afraid and don’t really do it justice, as I am no pro photographer, but hopefully you’ll get a flavour.

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    September 26, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    What wonderful pictures of Cannon Beach! You totally did it justice..
    Thank you for your blog: really enjoying hearing of your adventures 🙂

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