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A weekend in Singapore

After we left New Zealand, we flew 10 hours to Singapore. I thought that when we arrived in Asia we would have a big shock but it didn’t seem too different from any other city to me. One of the differences was that there was lots of greenery to balance out the amount of tall buildings.

We were lucky enough to be staying with one of mum’s colleague’s Carla and her two boys Zac and Theo. We visited Gardens on the Bay and the Art Science museum on Friday, ending with a swim and pizza back at Carla’s.  On Saturday afternoon Carla had organised for us to meet up with some people from Mum’s work and their families and we were going to go luging!! There are only 3 Skyline Luge parks in the world (Rotorua, Queenstown and Singapore) and we have been to all 3 of them! When we met everyone we went straight up to the top to start luging – the hill wasn’t as steep as Rotorua but the tracks were longer. Between all of us there were 9 kids!

Whilst we were talking about our travel plans, we found out that Megan and Harry (Mum’s colleague Bev’s kids) are going to be in Cambodia at the same time as us. I am really excited that we get to see someone in Cambodia because we weren’t planning to see anyone we know for a month and we can explore the temples with them. I always love meeting people my age because when we are not with anyone, it is just us five which can be nice sometimes, but sometimes there are arguments and people get angry with nowhere to go apart from the hotel bathroom.

The restaurant we went to that afternoon was on the beach so we were all doing gymnastics into the sea and we got very wet and sandy. I had a lot of fun in Singapore with all the people we met so it was sad when we had to leave the beach but we had a plane to catch in the morning so we said goodbye. I  really enjoyed our time in Singapore even though it was only 2 days so I hope we can come back after the trip.

Gardens at the Bay

Art Science Museum

Pizza with Theo and Zac

Fun at the Beach with the Bridge families


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